Hi, I’m Kat!

Discover the world of figure skating through my eyes. With over a decade of competitive skating and performing experience, I share my journey, insights, and love for the sport through my blog. As a seasoned figure skater, I explore the essence of skating, blending it with artistic expression and athletic rigor. I am thrilled to share my experiences, tips, and the beautiful aesthetics of figure skating with enthusiasts and aspiring skaters.

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Free Training Tips for Figure Skaters of all Ages and Skill Levels

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how to jump higher and quicker
common camel spin mistakes
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My Philosophy on Coaching

Figure Skating has been a part of my life since I was 12 years old, and it brings me so much joy to share my passion with others and help them become successful. My approach to coaching is to help each skater achieve the goals they have set for themselves and encourage them to be confident and proud of what they are doing on and off the ice. My success is measured by the success of my students as they progress through the sport and, more importantly, by the joy and satisfaction they discover through figure skating. Skating is a process, and I want each student to learn to love the journey as they go! I consider building the character of the skaters just as important as developing my student’s skills.

My Mantra

Athlete First, Skater Second

Being a figure skater is only part of my identity. Before I step foot on the ice, I am an athlete first and a skater second. I train every day to keep my body in peak physical condition so that when I get on the ice, my body can do what it needs to do.

Figure skating is a physically demanding sport. Warm-ups and cool-downs should be part of your training regime to have optimal performance and longevity in the sport. A figure skater should train strength, flexibility, balance, speed, and agility off the ice to complement on-ice training. Becoming strong before skating helps ice time become more efficient and safe. Skaters who train both on and off the ice are more successful and progress faster than those who just practice on the ice.

Athlete First, Skater Second.

Kat’s Blog
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